About Us

Teqball-Mumbai-Andheri-AthletesTeqball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It is a sport that requires sharpness, agility and composure. The best thing about the sport is that there are no restrictions on the age limit or any gender.

It was invented in Hungary in 2012 and first played in 2014. It can be played between two players as a singles game, or between four players as a doubles game. A number of world-class footballers have been attracted by the game, and after being added to the programme for the 2021 Asian beach games, the sport is now aiming for Olympic inclusion.

Teqball Club of Mumbai is an initiative by India’s First Teqer to represent India on an International platform – Vinit Jain, to bring the World’s fastest-growing sport to Mumbai. We aim to provide the best teqers to Teqball India and to be the first as well as the best in town.

Not only are we preparing to provide the best physical coaching to students but also to enhance and develop them mentally. Apart from coaching, we also provide the location for people on an hourly basis to let people enjoy the game.


Vinit-Jain-Founder-Teqball-MumbaiA 23-year-old International Teqball Athlete who is currently pursuing his PGDM from NMIMS in Business Management. He is the president of Teqball Mumbai and have brought in this initiative in Mumbai to develop and grow the sport. Sports has always been his passion and he came up with the idea of bringing Teqball to Mumbai. He is also a two-time gold medalist for Teqball Mumbai at the Teqball National Championship & the first athlete to represent India on an international platform.


Two-time National Level Gold Medalist for Teqball.
First Athlete to represent India at Asia-Pacific Teqball Beach Championship in Sanya, China in 2019 (ranked 6th position).
Lead the Indian u-21 world cup team at Minifootball World Cup held in Prague in 2018,
Won the Bronze medal at the Futsal National Championship in 2019.
Won the Bronze medal at the Minifootball National Championship in 2018.
Represented India at the 1st Teqball World Series in Paris, France (2022).